Brunettes have always felt intimidated in the sight of a natural blonde’s hair. A silent war ravaged between the two hair colors until hair stylists decided it was time to put an end to it all.

Brown and blonde were blended together in such a way that a natural looking sun-kissed brown effect came to light; the Bronde effect.

Gisele Bundchen - Bronde Hair

Bronde should not be mistaken for a hair color because it is not. It is a coloring technique that was first made popular in 2007 by Gisele Bundchen. However, because many still confuse it with ordinary blonde highlights let us see what is the difference between the two.

Common highlights are made by dying hair strands with the same intensity of color from root to end. Bronde’s key feature is to lighten up hair by painting selected layers on top and in between hair with two different volumes of color lifting cream, as Kim Vo, a celebrity stylist describes.

I know it sounds a bit confusing and for all of us who know nothing about hair coloring it seems a bit impossible to achieve. A professional colorist, however, knows exactly how to pull it through and make your hair have that summery glow all year round.

  • It is suitable for all ages and skin types just by altering the contrast between the colors
  • It is the ideal choice if you do not want regular root touch-ups
  • It looks equally great in curly and straight hair
  • It is perfect if you are a brunette and you do not want to go all the way to blonde (and maybe end up with ginger-orangey highlights)

[pull_quote_center]And as Kim Vo also said “if blonde and brunette had a love child, it would be Bronde”…[/pull_quote_center]


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