In 1966 Nancy Sinatra with her song “These boots are made for walking” gave boots a totally new meaning; a pair of boots was going to walk on a cheating man. Many women came to love boots either because some happened to sympathize with the lyrics of the song or, because, almost all of them loved how cool Nancy Sinatra and her go-go girls looked in them.

Since then this particular song has been released in many different versions. The same happened to boots; different styles, textures, lengths appeared but none was ever as feminine and stylish, yet very comfortable, as the ankle boots, else known as Booties.

ankle boots styles

Booties are a fashion craze that started a few years ago but this year it did a dramatic comeback appearing in all catwalks. They are sexy, feminine, and extremely versatile and they can go with anything, any day and time of the week. The options are limitless.

For an ultra chic office look, wear them with tights and a dress, preferring a mid-height heel to protect those aching arches of yours, after a long day in the office. For a more casual-chic office look, pair them with skinny trousers and an elegant top.

For dinner with your girlfriends, match a pair of flat ankle boots with your favorite skinny jeans and top. Are you having a special date? Stiletto-heel booties will definitely do the trick for you. And if you want to go for a more “rock & roll” look, studded leather or suede booties are a must.

And if you are afraid that your ankles will look wide in them or that your legs are not tall enough, fear not. Wear them with rolled-up jeans so that slightly your skin above your bootie is visible to prevent that wide-ankle look and tuck your trousers in your booties to make your legs look longer.

Since you can never go wrong in a pair of booties, these boots are definitely made for owning…
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