In light of Ms Brooks’s news on her scientifically ‘perfect’ breast shape, another leading lady gives her own view on things. Sixties siren Jacqueline Bisset, who has never been married but has enjoyed quite a few long-term relationships warns that young women nowadays are under a lot of stress.

In a recent interview to ‘The Telegraph’, Ms Bissett, whose career has expanded over 50 years, claims that “girls today are so attractive and sexy, and they show themselves off in such an obvious way, so men feel that they are in a sweet shop.

The flip side is that women see themselves as interchangeable. I feel that this obsession to be “hot” is more prevalent than it ever was in my youth. ‘It’s not, “I want to be charming and magical and romantic and beautiful”. ‘It’s “I want to be hot”. They show themselves off in such an ‘obvious way’ that men feel like they are ‘in a sweet shop’”

The star, who is now 70, strongly believes that a lower key to behaviour and dress leads to stronger relationships and we couldn’t agree more. She says that ‘desperation’ has lead to such kind of behaviours which often leave women feeling used and mistreated.

She added: “I went through a period like that, when I dressed and behaved in a certain way. I couldn’t handle the results: it didn’t get me where I wanted to be. So I started to be more low key and I got better relationships as a consequence”

Peer pressure,today, and media bombardment of images of flawless women, result in young people feeling pressured  to follow specific image stereotypes. How can we change that? Family DOES play a huge role into promoting image acceptance to their children and self-confidence. We need to be the ones to change first and then our children will follow.

(Source: The Telegraph)

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