[dropcap type=”1″]B[/dropcap]eing a mum is wonderful. It is also stressful and tiring. We run around all day chasing our little devils, we spend sleepless nights when they are sick or they can’t sleep, we constantly worry about their well being and safety. Since the moment they are born, our lives have changed for ever and our views of the whole world have totally altered.

[quote_box_center]However, although very challenging and demanding, motherhood has given us the opportunity to better ourselves and to start over; a new exciting beginning to change all the things we did wrong and wipe away some horrible past experiences and mistakes. Here are some of the very few reasons, amongst thousands, why it is great being  a mum![/quote_box_center]

Your children give you cuddles everywhere. Even when you just walk together to the shops, or you stop to talk to an old friend, your children will spontaneously cuddle you and they will really mean every single cuddle.

Your children always know when you are sad. No matter how hard you try to hide it, they know and the only thing they want is to kiss you and make you feel better.

The best day in the week is the one you spend with your children. No matter how many other exciting things you will get to do during the week, nothing can compare to the happiness and joy that spending time with your children gives you. Either playing with them in the park or building Legos at home, it will be your most joyful moment and you will feel like a child too.

In their eyes you are the most beautiful mum

Your children think that you can achieve everything! They are your most loyal fans and they believe in you no matter what you do. In their eyes you are capable for anything and that gives you strength to get on with your life daily, no matter how hard it gets.

In their eyes you see the world in a totally different way. You have hope and faith again that the world could be a better place. You want to make it that way and you teach them to be better people and spread their love to everything they do.

They don’t care about how you look like. In your children’s eyes you are the most beautiful creature to have ever walked the earth! Regardless of how much weight you put on or how untidy you might be, for them, you are the prettiest mum in the whole world.

When your children are scared they always run to you.
You are their safe place, the one who fixes everything , the one who makes bad dreams go away. There is not a loveliest place in the world other than your embrace.

When you are with them you forget all your troubles. No matter how stressed out or upset you are, when your children smile at you, everything else seems so small.

Heaven is a place on Earth

Watching them sleep….Is the most precious moment ever! It reminds you that nothing in the world can be more perfect.

When they say: ‘I love you mum’…You just think that heaven is a place on Earth..and you are on it!

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