If you were to run a quick search on the internet today about ways you can go green at your household and just generally make more environmentally friendly decisions in your day to day life, chances are you’re going to be overwhelmed with all the information available even before you’re halfway done with your research.

Why exactly? Well, for starters, most of the information available about this out there is laid out in a very boring manner, goes into way too much detail (much more than any of us need if we were to be practical and realistic about this) and just seems to make all of this a much more complicated issue than it really needs to be.

Why not become a more environmentally friendly dog owner that helps combat their dogs’ day to day toll on the environment?

For all you ladies reading this with a dog at home, we’ve got a very interesting infographic to share with you today, dubbed the “Green Dog Owner“, which lays out in a very simple yet actionable format 14 tips you can implement in your day to day life.

The infographic below informs you all about how your day may very well be negatively impacting the environment around them, but it won’t leave you in the dark about how you can be changing that.

It also provides you with 14 actionable steps you can take to turn that around 180 degrees.

Statistics around the world have proven time and time again that women, in general, are more environmentally friendly individuals than their male counterparts, so let’s prove those statistics right – shall we, gals? 


Feel free to print out this infographic and put it up anywhere around your household in order for it to stay fresh in your mind and that of your family members whenever you bump into it, share it with anyone in your community that you think may benefit from this knowledge.

Let us know in the comments section about what other things YOU do in order to stay an environmentally friendly woman and dog owner! 🙂


James is a dog blogger and writer, having contributed to several different dog blogs and informational websites. His work can be found on Ultimatehomelife.com. Besides focusing on informational content that aims to make the lives of average dog owners much easier and less complicated than it often times is, James enjoys much of his free time taking care of and giving unlimited affection to his little Chipoodle named Jerry.


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