We all know the benefits of a good night’s sleep; our brain works better, so does our body, our mood is lifted, we feel happier, more energized. Yet, there are nights that sleeping can be a real struggle. Stress, family problems, work issues can really make it impossible to shut down and sleep.

Result? When you look yourself in the mirror in the morning, a very sleepy person stares back at you with red eyes and dark circles going all the way down to your chin (ok, I am exaggerating a little).

Truth be told, there’s nothing worse than the day after a sleepless night. You feel puffy, sallow, in other words, you feel like a big mess. And unless night time comes again and a peaceful tuck-in is planned, you can’t feel the 100% of yourself.

insomniaStill, there is a way to fake the appearance of a good night’s sleep. How? Think eyes, think make-up, think balance. The key is in the balance.

The power of eye-shadow topped with the glamour of mascara are only a few of the tricks to help hide the evidence of your sleepless night.

1. Hydrate alert

In order for makeup to do what it is designed to do, make you look as radiant as possible that is, the skin must be fully hydrated and awake. So, first thing to do after a rough night is to soak your face after cleansing it in ice-cold water for 1-2 minutes, or as long as it is comfortable for you. Dry off and after you have taken care of your looking-like-a zombie eyes (move on to the next step to see how), apply your moisturizer.

Also, let’s not forget that when we are tired our face needs hydration from the “inside” too. So, drink lots of water throughout the day.

2. Attack those dark circles

Nothing is worse than dark under-eye circles after a sleepless night. Before you start putting on your miracle concealer, it is best to help those red eyes “de-puff” and those dark circles shrink. Cold used tea bags, ice-cold spoons, slices of cucumber? There is nothing like a good home beauty remedy for a restful look.Cucumber for eyes

Apply whichever one of these you fancy in your eyes and leave for 10 minutes. Remove and let your eyes air-dry and finish off with an eye cream or serum with caffeine, which improves circulation of the area to minimize the appearance dark circles.

3. Concealer rescue

A concealer is great for covering up the trashes of a sleepless night. Apply it using your finger,so that its the warmth will help the concealer melt into your skin beautifully. Add a touch of it too on your lids as it will help your eye-shadow stay longer.

4. Foundation ONLY where necessary

Yes, foundation is ideal for smooth, even looking skin but when you have only slept for a couple of hours it can become your worst enemy. Try to avoid it at all costs. Still, if that is not possible, use it ONLY on your uneven spots.

5. Nude liners for those red eyes

Using a nude or white pencil on the water line takes out the redness and makes your eyes look awake. If putting a pencil to your inside rim is too much to bear, put the white or nude liner in between the lower lashes. Additionally, try a white pencil on the outside corner of the eye, between the upper and lower lashes to open the eyes, and make them look more almond shaped.

mascara6. Eye-shadow lifesaver

Use a bright eye-shadow on your eyes inner corners and a pale shimmery (preferable gold) one under the bottom lashes to keep your eyes sparkling.

7. Be generous on your mascara application

Apply two-three-four layers of your favorite mascara to create an intense look. Necessary info? Skip mascara on the bottom lashes as it can cast a shadow making the eyes look tired.

8. Blush your cheeky cheeks

What makes you look healthier than your beautiful pink cheeks? Blend in a creamy blush into the apples of your cheeks to turn your dull complexion into an image of brightness, health and a full night’s sleep.

Do you have any more tricks for looking well-rested? We would love to hear from you.

Lab scientist, sharp dresser and cooking guru Maria is one half of the original alwaysladies.com founding team. She brings her opinions with earnestness and a smile, even when there are razor blades inside.

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