October is here. That familiar chill is in the air and it’s time for hot chocolate again. Or is it not? Do you wish it was still summer? Are you looking for something to treat yourself to in order to shake you out of the autumn melancholy?

Dolce & Gabbana has the thing for you. A pair of boyfriend jeans from the Spring 2015 collection. As you are probably wondering how will a pair of jeans bring you out of the autumn gloom wait till you hear its price; $12,000. Yes, that’s right. That surely shocked you a bit, or maybe a lot, didn’t it?

Certainly, they’re 99% cotton and feature Swarovski crystals and patent leather rosebuds, but $12,000 for a pair of jeans? To fully understand the irony of this extreme price tag, imagine what you could do with that amount of money: buy a car, pay your annual rent, or even pay the annual fees of a private school where I live.

And if you think that once you pay for them you will be able to immediately show them off to your girlfriends, think again. They will not be available until the beginning of 2015. So, if you are really eager in getting your hands on a pair of those, all you have to do is pay a deposit of $6,200 on Moda Operandi!

If you have a “bit” extra to spend on yourself, there’s a golden filigree bustier on sale for $78,500, and a brocade dress for $35,000! I am being sarcastic, you guessed that right. Surely, they are all beautiful pieces of clothing but I do not think they are made of anything that special nor did someone put so much effort in making them that can justify such unreasonable pricing.

Obviously, Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2015 collection is addressed towards a different economic group of people (the Duchess of Cambridge maybe?) than the rest of the us but, still, the fashion house needs to do a reality check. Does “world economic crisis” ring a bell, Dolce & Gabbana?

(Source: ELLE)

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