Unfortunately, we often hear stories of children being left in the car. Usually, these mistakes lead to tragic results. If you are one of the parents that think: ‘this will never happen to me’, think again. Loving, caring parents have accidentally left their children in the car, through soaring heat, too.

An unofficial social media survey has shown that ‘14 percent of parent say they intentionally have left their infants, toddlers, and kindergarten children alone in a parked vehicle. For parents of children three and under, the percentage increases to 23 percent. 11 percent of parents (more than 1.5 million parents transporting more than 2.6 million children) admit to forgetting their child in a car. For those with children three and under, it is nearly 1 in 4.’

Parents, busy with getting last minutes groceries, running to the ATM, or doing other ‘quick’ jobs, leave sleeping babies in the car. Others, have accidentally forgot about them and went to work – often ending in disaster.

When we happen to stumble across sleeping (or not) children in a car left on their own this is what we should do:

  1. Do not keep walking. You have stumbled upon a situation as deadly as a child choking.
  2. Try to make friendly contact with the child. This will allow you to see how alert the child is, and if the parent is watching from nearby, this should beckon them.
  3. Try to open the car. If you can get in the vehicle, assess the heat situation and remove the child from the hot environment.
  4. If you can’t enter the vehicle, and you have stood noticeably by the car and still no parent returns, call the emergency number. You don’t know how hot the car is or how long the child has been left unattended. Err on the side of caution. (ParentDish)

Watch the tragic story of an unfortunate but loving mum who accidentally forgot her 2 year old daughter in the car, while she went to work for 8 hours.


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