11. See the good in people

Despite the fact that you have been hurt over and over again or you might have had your trust crashed , especially by the so called ‘good’ friends, try to see the good in everyone. The fact remains that we all deserve a second, a third even a fourth chance. We are by default, full of weakness and we all ted to make mistakes or the wrong decisions often. Don’t let people treat you like a doormat, of course, but try to give everyone a chance and see the good in them. I assure you there is lots of it if you look at the right direction.

12. Have direction

You are whomever you decide you should be, and you just haven’t reached your goals ye

Decide who you are, and what you want.Too many people suffer because their life completely lacks direction. If you know who you are, and what your goals are, then everything becomes manageable.You will find that once you have taken the colossal, life-defining step of deciding who you are, honestly within yourself, then most of your life’s problems will collapse and lose significance: there will be no insecurity, no inadequacy.

13. Don’t judge

Get rid of the side of yourselves that is judgmental to everyone different than you! We are all different and that is a simple fact of life, deep down, though,  we all want the same things. We want to love and be loved, be able to provide for our family, feel happy and be understood by others. We all look for something in life and we are all equal! Do not forget that even in hard times when people in power try to brainwash our head with prejudice and racism.

Stop being judgmental to people around you and  accept their different lifestyles, culture, food and sexual  preferences and religious beliefs. We haven’t got  the right and we are  in no position to judge no-one. 

14. Stop complaining!

Circumstances and people are not to blame for the way we feel!

It is definitely a female trait, although some of us really abuse it. We mostly complain about everything in a daily basis. Some complaints are about more serious issues than some others, however, we are the ones who  let them affect us. We complain about the way others treat us, about situations and events that made us sad, upset, and negative. Circumstances and people are not to blame for the way we feel! They don’t indicate the way we will react about something or someone; the way we see things does.

Change the way you deal with your friends and family, try to discover something positive out of , maybe not all, but most situations you come face to face in life and don’t underestimate the effect  that positive thinking has on your perception.

15. Love more, laugh more, give more!

Life is too short for always crying and feeling miserable

Wake up to the beauty of life and don’t just concentrate on what is wrong about it. There are surely are many bad things that have happened or are still happening in yours. This situation won’t change by just doing nothing about it and crying over lost time and chances. Start loving again; open your eyes and see deeper in people than just what they are trying to show on the outside. Trust more and keep on laughing. Life is too short for always crying and feeling miserable. You have to believe that people who were or still are in your lives and love you, do really want to see you happy. Be more generous and give to the poor and to the people in need. You will feel a lot better and you will have helped someone else in the process. You won’t feel poorer by giving, on the contrary you will feel richer inside and happier about life.

You are whomever you decide you should be, and you just haven’t reached your goals yet. Life becomes simple, and you’ll kick yourself for not seeking clarity sooner. Wake up and make your life’s experience worthwhile and something for your loved ones and children to look up to!
Psychologist, world citizen, mother - Effie is one half of the alwaysladies.com founding pair. She can bring to life any party with either a smile, or a strong opinion. If like us you can't get enough of Effie, visit her blog at www.thethinkingmomblog.com

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