We, daily, depend on things within our lives that more than often cause us pain, anxiety, worries and stress. Instead of trying to find a way out and free ourselves from self destructive tendencies and habits, we get attached to those behaviors even more. Why do we constantly do our best to make our lives more difficult than they already are?

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Acceptance of change is vital if you want to live a fulfilling, dynamic life

Changes take time. They are hard to implement. Acceptance of change is vital if you want to live a fulfilling, dynamic life. Here are 15 ways that, if followed, could change the way you feel about everything, for the better.

1. You are NOT always right!

So many of us feel the need to mostly be right in any kind of conversation we engage, usually even getting into arguments and disputes in order to support our points of view. We, women, more than men do, try to always persuade everyone about what we think and believe,  while sometimes failing  to realize that we run a risk of potentially damaging our  interpersonal relationships and friendships.

This kind of erratic behavior puts a lot of stain in our relationships with people and usually drives them away.  So, next time you get  the urge to jump in a conversation and persuade everyone of how right you  are…think to yourselves: ‘Is it more important to be right than  to have friends?’, ‘What if I am not right this time and instead I listen to what the others have to say? Who knows..maybe I will learn something new in the process’.

[quote_box_right]Don’t let your stubbornness turn you into someone you really wouldn’t like to hang out with yourself and consequently ruin your friendships and your life![/quote_box_right]

2. Stop controlling everything!

No one asked you to be in control of everything and everyone. When it comes to either family and friends or workmates you are not responsible for their behavior and their actions. Allow everyone to be themselves and be in charge of their own lives  and this way feel much more relaxed and carefree. You will see, you will instantly feel like a huge weight has come off your shoulders! Try it!

3. Say ‘no’ to accusations

Other people are NOT to blame for what is going on in your life and of how you feel. I know that in many cases we feel hopeless and unable to change it, but we are the ones that allow people to hurt us or change us. Get over the need to accuse everyone for everything and claim responsibility for the things that you are to blame for in your life and your relationships with others.

4. Don’t pity yourselves

We tend to think very low of ourselves quite often. We deserve so much more but we just allow our head and others to feed us with negativity that leads to self pity. We put ourselves down thinking that we are not good enough as people, not capable enough at work or not equal enough to our partners. Well, that is a wrong way to see it; stop getting dragged down the road to self pity and start believing in yourselves. Today!

5. Be aware!

If you know what you want, and who you are, you don’t let things happen to you be aware of what you are doing at any moment, so that you’ll never be in a place you don’t want to be

6. You don’t have to impress every person you meet

We can not make people like us all the time

If you stop trying so hard  to impress others and pretend you are someone you really aren’t you will see that people will love you for who you are and for what you represent. We can not make people like us all the time and that is really not important. The moment you stop trying so hard to be the ideal person you have chosen, then you will get to know yourself better and people will love you for the less perfect, but real you.

7. Open your mind

You can do everything! At least you can try and you’ll never know if you can do everything, indeed, unless you take the risk. Giving up is also a good option, if that is where a situation takes you. But before you reach that point, do not allow your mind limit your options and capabilities! Do not always worry about what you can and can’t do! Open your wings and fly!

8.  Don’t live someone else’s life

In some cultures more than in some other, many people are used to live the life their parents, teachers, friends chose for them. Sometimes even the country we live in and its tradition or religious beliefs have chosen the kind of life we should be leading and the kind of choices we should be making.  We go on our our lives ignoring what we really want  to do and how we want to spend our time, money,  recreational time and even the kind of careers we want to be following.

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We only live once and the life we are leading should be our own and no one else’s !

It many times seems difficult to go against what we have been taught to do all these years but we should listen to our hearts follow the dreams that really make us happy and fulfilled. We only live once and the life we are leading should be our own and no one else’s ! Take control of your own life, you are unique and capable of achieving anything you set your mind on.

9. Don’t resist a change

All changes are good; maybe at first they seem difficult to cope with and impossible to implement. However, changes lead towards a better quality of life and they should be embraced. Follow your instinct and nourish the challenging changes in your life; they will sure give it a new meaning.

10. Say ‘no’ to labels!

Stop labeling people and situations you don’t understand. What seems weird to you or much different to your own standards, doesn’t have to receive your own negative label. Instead, try to explore and widen your life’s horizons. Our mind works better when it is wide open rather than the other way around.

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